Notting Hill Carnival Highlights

Partying On The Streets Of Notting Hill

Snagga Dagga alongside Tricks InDa Mix creating that real energetic party vibes to the streets of Notting Hill.

Notting Hill Carnival Highlights

Sound Metro Glory Sound

Date August Bank Holiday Monday

Dj’s Snagga Dagga & TrcksInDaMix

Steel Plate UK

Chocolate Men Brunch

Snagga Dagga serves that turn-up party vibes to the Chocolate Men Brunch. The Chocolate Men UK fellas serve the brunch & bottomless rum punch, raunchy games and a whole lot more…

Kool London Christmas Party

Snagga Dagga turning up the Christmas spirit at the legendary Kool London Radio Stations Christmas party

Cottons Rhum Bar, Camden

Snagga Dagga bringing that Carib vibe to Camden, so you can eat, drink and dance away your week of work blues

Young Man Standing

Snagga Dagga partying with the crowd at Grime’s legendary “Young Man Standing” Event

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